Our Approach


Building a foundation is vital to long term sobriety. At New Foundation Living Facilities we understand the importance of providing our clients with a sober, secure and safe living environment. We provide all the necessary tools and resources, to build a strong foundation in order to transition to self-reliance. We provide 24/7 access to qualified support staff and life resources. With our approach and experience within the sober community, we find that a safe structure and lifestyle are key components in assisting with the transition process.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the field of Drug and Alcohol Treatment, we have developed a program that provides the necessary resources to begin the transition process to self-reliance.

We believe in voluntary programs of diet and exercise to improve the mind and body experience.  Along with strong support systems and job search training skills. These skills are crucial in a successful transition and our staff prides itself in giving each resident every opportunity to succeed. We look forward to providing you with a customized sober living experience to meet your specific needs.

Get Sober,  Stay Sober,  Live Sober

– New Foundations Living

Our Values

The values we believe in help us create a better environment for you! We take our values very seriously and we take them to heart. We have been successful over the years when it comes to taking care of our clients and helping them succeed. 



Expand your mind by change your way thinking in order to change your life we work closely with our clients to help them identify and address the obstacles of life.


Believe It

Strengthen and nurture your inner core to face the world with shoulders back and head up. We believe that you can achieve great things, with great health.


Live It

Focusing on the 12 steps is a very important thing when it comes to your sobriety, we believe in staying connected with your inner spirit and higher power.



By giving you the access to expand your life, we help clients find their passion in life. With various tools and avenues we will help anyone succeed.


Embrace It

Being in a diverse atmosphere is key. By interacting with different people from different cultures allows you to have a more diversified background.


Imagine It

We encourage clients to be creative and let their minds run free with ideas. We embrace and help clients while they reach for their goals, and dreams.